Etiquette For Motivational Speakers

We have heard of stories about motivational speakers who have excellent reputations and are like saints in front of a crowd. They can do no wrong when doing their work speaking in front of an adoring audience. However, once they step off the podium and the spotlight is no longer on them, their true colors shine through.

We at have encountered our own fair share of the prima donna, diva, inconsiderate, bratty speakers who go through a Jekyll & Hyde routine during a speaking engagement. When these incidents do happen, we make sure to point out the wrong behavior or faux pas to the speaker so that he or she is aware that it is a no-no in the trade, and second, so he or she can address it and not let it happen again.

We at understand that motivational speakers are not perfect. In fact, the best of them know that they are a constant work in progress. The truly great are open to criticism and welcome it as long as, of course, it is constructive and contributes to their growth as a public speaker. Etiquette is one of the tools great public speakers need to hone to create a great reputation – one that is authentic to themselves as people and career professionals.

Guest Speakers

There was once a big name public speaker who was invited to speak for the first time at an event. Everything went well until the audio video system started to malfunction right in the middle of his hour long talk. He could not control himself. He complained to the event organizers right in front of the crowd. Although the audience laughed it off, no self-respecting motivational speaker would criticize their client in the middle of their program. To do so would be amateurish.

Then there was the motivational speaker who, when he arrived, all but complained his way from the airport to the hotel and in every meeting prior to his presentation. Then after his presentation, the said speaker started complaining again while signing his books, continued on while he was checking out of the hotel, and until his way to the airport. Smart motivational speakers who understand the value of creating long-term relationships with client will never ever make this mistake.

We at make sure that our speakers are professional enough to know the etiquette of the trade. The reputation of motivational speakers off the stage is as important as their reputation on the stage.

Here are a few tips on etiquette guaranteed by to keep speakers in the good graces of client and the crowd.

• Be punctual. The best speakers make it a point not just to be on time, but also have the discipline to be at least 30 minutes early at the venue. Client will appreciate this because at least, they know the key person of the event has already arrived and can prepare with the team before the event starts.

Motivational speakers• Test all the equipment before speaking in front of the audience. This is especially important since most motivational speakers have a keynote or power point presentation as visual aids for their talk. Knowing the audio and video system in the event venue is working to specifications makes for a smoother delivery of the presentation, making it more influential.

• Extend respect towards your client. If problems occur during the event, whether or not these affect your presentation, avoid being a burden by complaining. If you can be a team player then provide solutions if not get out of the way and let them do their job in peace.

• Do not shout at anyone. This goes without saying. No matter how bad the situation is, never raise your voice at anyone whether it be the organizer, or members of the audience.

• Share your schedule with the organizers. Inform them what day, and time you plan to arrive at the location of the event. If flying to the event, inform the organizers when you have arrived at the airport and similarly at the hotel and event venue. They will appreciate that about you.

• Be a source of positive energy, always be polite to everyone, and extend respect to all. This is the least people expect from a well-educated, successful motivational speaker.

• Whatever you do, do not get drunk at the event.

Keynote speaker• Deliver the speech or presentation within the time given by the organizers. Be willing to shorten or lengthen the presentation if the organizers or situation needs it.

• Never make a sales pitch about your new book, or products while in the process of delivering your talk. If you think it is going to be relevant to the presentation, make sure to get the green light from the organizers that it is alright.

• Mingle with the people and make it a point to be part of the event activities where it is fitting. It is a great way to get to know the participants of the event who will be your audience during your talk.

Strive to be the whole package when building a reputation as a motivational speaker. Who you are on stage is being judged as much as the person you are when off the spotlight.

Golf Iron Sets For Amateurs And Veteran Golfers

The famous quote among golfers goes like this, “the longer the length and the lower the loft, the harder the club will be to hit for any golfer”. In the world of golf, there are certain terms that only golfers know.

Taylormade GolfA club refers to the long stick used to hit the ball. These golf clubs have different types such as irons, woods, wedges, putters, and hybrids. They vary in material and in uses as well. For newbies and handicapped individuals, golf iron sets are the most popular choice because they have a special feature which makes the golf clubs easier to control.

Thus, they score more and enjoy the game, even without enough expertise and knowledge.

There are two manufacturing processes used in order to form the shape of the club head of a golf iron.

First one is called “cast”, while the second is referred to as “forged”.

Casting procedure is the turning of the metal into a liquid state, which is then transferred into a mold in order to form the iron head design. Forging process is literally compressing the solid metal and will then be undergoing drilling and machining procedures in order to complete the manufactured design of the iron head.

GolfSay, you have a cast iron and a forged iron which are exactly the same – shape, loft, weight distribution, center of gravity, MOI, swing weight, heads are designed with the same shaft, grip, length, and both are hitting the same ball. They will definitely give you the same results and 99% of all kinds of golfers will not know whether you used cast or forged. Scientific research has proven enough that the difference in metal alone will not contribute to the overall difference in impact feel.

Golf iron sets are ideal for everyone who wants to practice with their own golf clubs. This will lessen the hassle of borrowing clubs inside the golf field. As they become regular players, they will be able to observe some techniques of veteran golfers. However, the skills in this sport are gained over time. Golfers do not actually use a single golf club, they have golf iron sets closely secured in their golf bags for their personal use only. If you will be given the chance to see them, the set is composed with varying clubs for different purposes.

Two of the major differences between the golf clubs include the long iron and short iron.

Since long irons are certainly longer and lower in loft compared to short irons, those are the reasons why they are hard to hit high. Moreover, when the golf club is long, it becomes more difficult to manage and to execute solid swings. In this regard, it will not be easy to shoot the golf ball or even get a bogey for amateur golfers.

Golf Iron SetsWhen talking about golf iron sets, there are certain points to consider. The larger the head shape, the deeper the cavity on the rear of the head, the wider the sole, the rounder the sole shape, and the loftier on the iron face, the more game improvement advantage the iron will gain.

In strict sense, there is one significant contender in playing golf. This is the moment of inertia or commonly known as MOI. Basically, it is a property of physics, which indicates the difference in how difficult or easy it will be to set an object in motion about a defined axis of rotation. If the object has a higher MOI, the more force is needed to apply in order to set the said object in a rotational motion. On the other hand, the lower the MOI, the lesser force is needed in order to make the object rotate. Here, you can get the different type Golf Equipment.

How to Make the Most of HCG Diet Drops

You have probably heard of HCG before. It definitely sounds familiar. Well, it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body of a pregnant woman.

So, why has this become an ingredient in a weight loss product? Pregnant women aren’t exactly the thinnest people, at least as seen during the last two trimesters. The hormone, however, can cause nausea and loss of appetite in the early stages. This is basically what you are trying to achieve – a decreased desire to eat food, without the throwing up of course.

HCG diet drops is just one form of this diet product. They are also being sold and administered in various forms, such as by injection. Whatever the form may be, it can be very taxing on a person to start and sustain this effective but challenging diet.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally first.

weight lossIf you are going to use HCG diet drops as part of your weight loss plan then you are in for a real challenge. The diet plan usually comes with a 500 calorie day plan, which is already very low compared to the usual 1200 calories. For those who have already tried other diets, about a thousand calories is already difficult to sustain. So, it is best to commit to the diet plan emotionally and mentally even before you begin.

Pair it with regular exercise.

regular exerciseRegular exercise will ensure that you maintain muscle tone. Muscle can contribute quite a few pounds. So when you lose weight, you also lose muscle. This is not ideal. With regular exercise, on the other hand, you pump up your ability to lose weight while building instead of losing muscle.

With HCG, there is no need to undergo rigorous training. A simple exercise regimen may already give you some leeway to add a few more calories to the recommended 500.

Support it with a healthy, balanced diet.

balanced dietYes, HCG diet drops can provide a very quick weight loss result. The loss of appetite should be able to limit your intake. However, just as in a real pregnancy, it is vital that you eat a healthy, balanced diet. 500 calories of food should at least matter. Pack in veggies, protein-rich but lean meats, and fiber-rich carbs into your diet plan.

Consult with a physician.

While HCG diet drops promises not to trigger negative side effects, they are incorporated into a very strict diet plan. Before you commit to the plan, you should first get a go-signal from your physician to find out if you are healthy enough for the diet. You would not want to end up fainting just because you want to lose some pounds.

Observe effects of lotion use on the diet.

Strangely enough, some have observed how lotion can affect weight gain or loss while on HCG. Lotions have fat components and can therefore stall the weight loss that you have been targeting. It sounds like a bit of mumbo-jumbo but it is recommended that only non-oily cosmetics and other products be used.

Pick one type of vegetable and not mix it with others.

If you like carrots then you can add it to your HCG diet plan. However, you may not mix it up with various types of vegetables. For some reason, again, eating just one type of veggie at a time is more effective than mixing it up. It might boil down to you being able to understand which foods contribute how many calories.

Diet drops from naturally-occurring HCG can be a very quick and effective treatment for weight loss. A few tips, such as those above, can help you survive the challenging diet plan.