How to Make the Most of HCG Diet Drops

You have probably heard of HCG before. It definitely sounds familiar. Well, it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body of a pregnant woman.

So, why has this become an ingredient in a weight loss product? Pregnant women aren’t exactly the thinnest people, at least as seen during the last two trimesters. The hormone, however, can cause nausea and loss of appetite in the early stages. This is basically what you are trying to achieve – a decreased desire to eat food, without the throwing up of course.

HCG diet drops is just one form of this diet product. They are also being sold and administered in various forms, such as by injection. Whatever the form may be, it can be very taxing on a person to start and sustain this effective but challenging diet.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally first.

weight lossIf you are going to use HCG diet drops as part of your weight loss plan then you are in for a real challenge. The diet plan usually comes with a 500 calorie day plan, which is already very low compared to the usual 1200 calories. For those who have already tried other diets, about a thousand calories is already difficult to sustain. So, it is best to commit to the diet plan emotionally and mentally even before you begin.

Pair it with regular exercise.

regular exerciseRegular exercise will ensure that you maintain muscle tone. Muscle can contribute quite a few pounds. So when you lose weight, you also lose muscle. This is not ideal. With regular exercise, on the other hand, you pump up your ability to lose weight while building instead of losing muscle.

With HCG, there is no need to undergo rigorous training. A simple exercise regimen may already give you some leeway to add a few more calories to the recommended 500.

Support it with a healthy, balanced diet.

balanced dietYes, HCG diet drops can provide a very quick weight loss result. The loss of appetite should be able to limit your intake. However, just as in a real pregnancy, it is vital that you eat a healthy, balanced diet. 500 calories of food should at least matter. Pack in veggies, protein-rich but lean meats, and fiber-rich carbs into your diet plan.

Consult with a physician.

While HCG diet drops promises not to trigger negative side effects, they are incorporated into a very strict diet plan. Before you commit to the plan, you should first get a go-signal from your physician to find out if you are healthy enough for the diet. You would not want to end up fainting just because you want to lose some pounds.

Observe effects of lotion use on the diet.

Strangely enough, some have observed how lotion can affect weight gain or loss while on HCG. Lotions have fat components and can therefore stall the weight loss that you have been targeting. It sounds like a bit of mumbo-jumbo but it is recommended that only non-oily cosmetics and other products be used.

Pick one type of vegetable and not mix it with others.

If you like carrots then you can add it to your HCG diet plan. However, you may not mix it up with various types of vegetables. For some reason, again, eating just one type of veggie at a time is more effective than mixing it up. It might boil down to you being able to understand which foods contribute how many calories.

Diet drops from naturally-occurring HCG can be a very quick and effective treatment for weight loss. A few tips, such as those above, can help you survive the challenging diet plan.